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    Stanchion 6mm (Pt No:101)Stanchion 6mm (Pt No:101)
    Price: £0.68
    Stanchion 9mm (Pt No:102)Stanchion 9mm (Pt No:102)
    Price: £0.73
    Stanchion 11mm (Pt No:103)Stanchion 11mm (Pt No:103)
    Price: £0.76
    Stanchion 16mm (Pt No:104)Stanchion 16mm (Pt No:104)
    Price: £0.77
    Stanchion 20mm (Pt No:105)Stanchion 20mm (Pt No:105)
    Price: £0.81
    Stanchion 25mm (Pt No:106)Stanchion 25mm (Pt No:106)
    Price: £0.85
    Stanchion 30mm (Pt No:107)Stanchion 30mm (Pt No:107)
    Price: £0.89
    Stanchion 35mm (Pt No:108)Stanchion 35mm (Pt No:108)
    Price: £0.94
    Stanchion 40mm (Pt No:109)Stanchion 40mm (Pt No:109)
    Price: £1.04
    Stanchion 48mm (Pt No:110)Stanchion 48mm (Pt No:110)
    Price: £1.07
    Stanchion 11mm (Pt No:111)Stanchion 11mm (Pt No:111)
    Price: £0.76
    Stanchion 16mm (Pt No:112)Stanchion 16mm (Pt No:112)
    Price: £0.77
    Stanchion 20mm (Pt No:113)Stanchion 20mm (Pt No:113)
    Price: £0.81
    Stanchion 25mm (Pt No:114)Stanchion 25mm (Pt No:114)
    Price: £0.85
    Stanchion 30mm (Pt No:115)Stanchion 30mm (Pt No:115)
    Price: £0.89
    Stanchion 35mm (Pt No:116)Stanchion 35mm (Pt No:116)
    Price: £0.94
    Stanchion 40mm (Pt No:117)Stanchion 40mm (Pt No:117)
    Price: £1.04
    Stanchion 48mm (Pt No:118)Stanchion 48mm (Pt No:118)
    Price: £1.07

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    New range of miniature brass turnbuckle which are used to tension stays and shrouds on model yachts and idea for use on many more models and craft applications.

    New range of Pulley Blocks

    Last Update on 2nd January 2020.

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